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Second Class National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2014: Development of Pelleting Coagulation Technology for Enhanced Water and Wastewater Treatment and Its Application in Water Deficient Northwest Region


The project lasted for more than ten years for theoretical and technological innovations.  The development of pelleting coagulation theory brought about a series of technological inventions. These technologies were applied to Changqing Oilfield to treat the drilling mud from more than 20000 drilling sites and realized harmless sludge treatment and cultivated land reclamation. Fracturing wastewater from the oilfield was also treated by using the developed technology and reused for drilling operation to solve the bottleneck problem of water shortage. For industries and towns adjacent to the Yellow River, by utilizing the new technologies, direct application of the high turbidity water was made possible along with a remarkable reduction of the separated sludge. High efficiency and low energy consumption were realized in wastewater treatment and reuse in newly developed housing area. The direct economic benefits amounted to 2.3 billion RMB due to the technology innovation along with remarkable social and environmental benefits.