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The 18th Chinese Patent Award of Excellence (2016): Dissolved Ozone Flotation Separator


“Dissolved Ozone Flotation Separator” (ZL200410073500.4) is a patented invention of the research group for wastewater treatment. It is characterized by an integration of ozonation and dissolved air flotation in one unit. By the generation of micro air bubbles rich in dissolved ozone and complete mixing with the influent, pollutants can be effectively oxidized and then accumulated onto the micro air bubbles to form scums which can be quickly separated from the liquid by flotation. With a smart design of the separator, the accumulated scum can be automatically discharged without exposure to outside environment. The separator has shown its superiority over conventional dissolved air flotation in its treatment efficiency, operation cost and environmental impact. It has been applied in a number of engineering projects implemented by 7 enterprises and equipment industrialization has been realized. This patented invention was gained the First-Class Patent Award from Shaanxi Province.