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Project title:


Research on Urban Water Pollution Control and Water Environment Improvement

Project leader:


Wang Xiaochang


To meet the common requirements for urban water pollution control and governance in China, comprehensive studies were conducted firstly for pollutant source control and reduction by effective wastes collection, enhanced wastewater treatment, and sludge disposal to prevent the secondary pollution, secondly for water quality improvement of polluted rivers/lakes by engineering restoration and ecological remediation, thirdly for water conservation by domestic and industrial water saving, water reclamation and reuse, and fourthly for the development of applicable technologies for water pollution control in small towns. The outputs from the project included 35 proposals of guidelines, standards, and criteria, 142 patents of invention, 9 software copyrights, and 37 sets of new treatment devices. These results were applied in 40 demonstrative engineering projects and brought about water quality improvement in the demonstrative areas. A technological framework was thus formulated for urban water pollution control.