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Project title:


Research on Municipal Sewage Ecological Reuse and Quality Assurance of Water Environments

Project leader:


Wang Xiaochang


The project comprehensively analyzed wastewater ecological reuse and studied the scientific principle and technical base for water environment quality assurance in water-deficient cities. In Addition, the theory of urban water environment construction by the principle of sustainable urban development and urban water metabolism were evaluated. Consequently, a strategy for urban wastewater ecological reuse and a systemic model was proposed, forming the management system for urban wastewater ecological reuse. Aiming at water quality assurance of wastewater ecological reuse, the project analyzed the distribution of hazardous and noxious substances and their transfer rules during the treatment process of urban wastewater, providing the theory for ecological toxicity inhibition of reused water, and building a methodology for ecological risk assessment of reused water. Moreover, the project assessed the technologies forwastewater reuse, water environment ecological control and toxicity control, and builtatechnical system for water environment quality assurance. Furthermore, the project provided theoretical and technical support for governments to foster the technology development of energy conservation and emission reduction.