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Project title:


Dyeing and printing industrial wastewater recycling technology and demonstration

Project leader:


Jin Pengkang


The printing and dyeing industry faces problems of large water consumption and discharges. Therefore, this project aimed at improving the wastewater cycle efficiency and reducing pollutants loads, as well as developing advanced wastewater treatment and recycling for a printing and dyeing industrial park. Wastewater recycling efficiency was improved by analyzing the approach to water use of dyeing wastewater. establishing the A system model for dyeing wastewater treatment and a high-efficient recycling for various reuse purposes was established, including dyeing process and non-potable water supply. Research was also carried out on the technical system for dyeing wastewater treatment and recycling for different reuse purposes. Due to the problems of organic matter accumulation during the process of dyeing wastewater recycling, the project evaluated the characteristics of organic matter biological treatment and advanced treatment processes. An integrated advanced treatment technology and facilities with high efficiency and short processing was, thus, developed. Aimed at assuring the stable operation of the dyeing wastewater treatment system, the project proposed the safety allocation technology for the biological treatment system. The project will provide technology support and examples for large-scale high-efficient treatment and recycling of dyeing wastewater for the printing and dyeing industry.