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Study on Mutual Promotion mechanism of ozonation-coagulation for organic matter removal and its application in wastewater reclamation

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Jin Pengkang


This study aims at the high-efficient removal of residual organic matter in the secondary effluent of municipal sewage. The chemical constitution and structural form of organic matter are analyzed to define the characteristics of organic matter coagulation treatment based on the Dispersed ozone floatation integrative process. The reaction rule of coagulation for metal coagulants and organic matter will be mastered. The interactive mechanism of metal salt coagulants and ozone, as well as the effect of metal coagulants in the treatment process, will be defined. The functional characteristics of the multi component system of organic matter, ozone and metal salt will be studied to control the oxidation reaction path of organic matter in the integrative process and to improve the carboxyl and carboxylation ratio in cyclic organic pollutants. Besides, ring opening and chain scission of organic matter will be restrained to improve the coagulation of organic matter and to realize the mutual promotion between oxidation and coagulation of organic matter. The mechanism of influence of ozone volume on organic matter oxidation and hydrophobic grouping will be confirmed. The conditioning of the physicochemical property on the flocculating constituent surface and the method of regulation of flocculating constituent dimension by air floatation will be explored. In addition, the theoretical model and technique for regulating the integrative sewage recycling process of Dispersed ozone floatation will be shaped to achieve high-efficient sewage recycling and safety insurance of water quality. The study result will not only have significance in terms of theory but also provide a reliable basis for the optimization of sewage recycling processes as well as for the rational control of pollutant. Overall, a great practical value will be achieved.