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Project title:


Urban sewage network flow mass transfer and pollutants transformation

Project leader:


Jin Pengkang


Sewage treatment systems commonly face problems of unstable system operation. Therefore, this project was commissioned to assess the quantity and quality of various sewage networks and the mechanisms of pollutants transformation. Also, the characteristics of change in the quantity and quality of pipeline networks are analyzed. Through monitoring and simulation experiments, the effect of suspended pollutants in the wastewater on water quality during the process of sedimentation and sluicing were identified. Moreover, mechanisms of transformation of dissolved pollutants from organic matters and nutrient salts analyzed. The project formulated the biochemical reaction and product formation rules by observing the growth processes of microorganism and the aerobic and anaerobic environment of the sewage network. Dynamic models for the mass transfer processes were proposed, and the theoretical basis for the design and management of urban sewage networks was provided.