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Project title:


Organic matter transformations and humic substances variation characteristics in reclaimed water quality control

Project leader:


Jin Pengkang


The project analyzed the distribution of organic matter in wastewater. Moreover, the characteristics of suspended and degradation-resistant organic matter were analyzed to identify the structural characteristics of intermediate products during the process of metabolizing and condensation of organic matter. Furthermore, the project analyzed the attenuation and residual characteristics of microorganisms during the process of organic matter cleaning, identifying the factors controlling the distribution of soluble microbial products and sewage characteristics during the treatment process. The parameters that affect the product distribution during the treatment process were also assessed. In addition, the project identified the chemical composition and structural configurations of humic acid, and analyzed the formation mechanism of humic acid during the process of wastewater treatment. Also, the project established an evaluation system for organic matter grading of secondary effluents, optimized the wastewater treatment process for different reuse purposes and increased the removal efficiency of organic matter in wastewater to assure the water quality. The project provided theoretical support and examples for wastewater treatment process optimization and pollutants control.