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Project title:


Method Study on quantitative calculation for the risk of reused water by using Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs)

Project leader:


Chen Rong


This project on risk quantification based on DALYs calculation is proposed to quantify the human health impacts of reclaimed water use. Through risk related specific pollutants identification and analysis of their distribution characteristics, pathogens and chemicals of specific pollutants will be investigated for their pathogenicity, and potential health effects. Exposure analysis will be performed according to the characteristics of reclaimed water use for different purposes. The complicated uncertainties of exposure and dose-response relationships can be determined on the basis of sufficient uncertainties analysis. Then by analyzing common diseases caused by specific pollutants, a method for calculating human health loss will be proposed, and accordingly, DALYs model and its calculation methodology for risk quantification of reclaimed water use is going to be established. In the end, the established DALYs model will be applied to a scenarios analysis of selected cases. The achievements of this study can attribute to providing theoretical and technological support for proper risk assessment of reclaimed water use.