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Project title:


Study on antibiotic resistance genes contamination and dissemination mechanisms in urban water environment

Project leader:


Zhang Chongmiao


Antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in urban environmental water were identified. Quantitative methods for the detection for ARGs by real-time PCR, and analysis methods for microbial communities by T-RFLP and other molecular technologies established. Through these methodsthe concentration and distribution of ARGs, and changes in microbial community structure in sewage, wastewater treatment plants, and urban surface waters were studied. The results illustrated the characteristics of ARGs contamination in urban water environments. In addition, the horizontal transfer of ARGs in water microbial community and influence factors were also investigated by simulation experiments. This revealed the mechanisms of ARGs dissemination in urban water environments. The research results can provide the scientific basis for ARGs control and ecological risk assessment. For the construction of urban water environment and control of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, this research project has important theoretical significance and practical value.