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Prof. Xiaochang Wang is interviewed by Peoples Daily at the 2016 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, Brisbane, Australia

Updated on October 2016

Prof. Xiaochang Wang attended the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition held in Brisbane, Australia from 9-14 October, 2016. More than 4,500 leaders gathered in Brisbane at the World Water Congress and Exhibition to share and discuss global water issues. “The 2016 World Water Congress and Exhibition 2016 set into motion distinct call-to-actions that will accelerate progress towards a water-wise world, through collaboration, planning and hard action,” says GerBergkamp, Executive Director of the International Water Association.


Prof. Xiaochang Wang, as Chairman of the China chapter of IWA Alternative Water Resources Cluster, was interviewed by People's Daily during the Congress. He indicated that the traditional way to solve the water deficiency problem is to find water resources based on water demand. While there is growing awareness of protecting nature and following fundamental rules in the present time, we should fully consider the availability of water resources during the process of urban and rural as well as industrial planning. Meanwhile, enhancing water cycle management and increasing water resource utilization efficiency is important on the basis of scientific verification.