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Prof. Xiaochang Wang delivers a presentation at the 5th IWA Cities of the Future Conference, Sydney, Australia

Updated on February 2015


Prof. Xiaochang Wang was invited to attend and give a presentation at the 5th IWA Cities of the Future Conference held on 9-11 February 2015 in Sydney, Australia. This conference put together IWA and a series of partners within Australia who understand the importance of cities and the fact that cities in the future can either be built to greatly improve the world we live in or can be casualties of a lack of vision and reactive thinking.


The themes of the event included water resource use efficiency at the system level, efficient and low carbon energy solutions and their nexus with waste and heating, aesthetic co-design of water function and urban landscape, joint optimization at the system level of water and other elements of urban infrastructure (energy, waste and transportation). Prof. Xiaochang Wang delivered a keynote speech entitled "Water Cycle Management for Source Augmentation and Efficient Reuse" at the event.