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Prof. Xiaochang Wang delivers invited presentation at AMBRES 2018

Updated on April 18, 2018

Prof. Xiaochang Wang was invited to deliver a presentation at the International Symposium on Advanced Membrane Bioreactors for Environment Sustainability (AMBRES 2018) that took place in Tianjin, China on April 15-18, 2018.


The International Bioprocessing Association hosted AMBRES 2018. Over 200 researchers, policy-makers, academics, students and the broader communities from 15 countries met at the conference to share and exchange the latest knowledge and visions on the MBR technology.


Prof. Xiaochang Wang delivered a presentation entitled "A two-stage dynamic membrane system for onsite water reuse and biogas production". The presentation elaborated on how resource recovery needs innovation in wastewater disposal processes, and that a two-stage DMF-AnDMBR process has been proposed for organics and nutrients separation and biogas production. The presentation generated broad interest of the attendees and stimulated wide-ranging discussions. 

Presentation By Prof. Xiaochang Wang