• Prof. Kim Changwon of Pusan National University gives a Lecture in XAUAT

    Updated in March 2016

    On the invitation of Prof. Xiaochang Wang, Prof. Kim Changwon of the Pusan National University gave a lecture entitled “Potential bio-energy production from sewage as electricity or bio-diesel” to the graduate and PhD students of the School of Environmental and Civil Engineering of XAUAT on March 31, 2016, Xi’an, China. Prof. Kim Changwon has been working at the ....

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  • Professor Xiaochang Wang is interviewed by IWA Cities of the Future Program

    Updated in February 2016

    Prof. Xiaochang Wang was interviewed by Corinne Tommsdroff, manager of IWA's Cities of the Future program about Water Cycle Management: A New Paradigm of Water Reuse for Cities of the Future. During the interview, Prof. Wang talked about not only the programme but also urban metabolism and how science learns from natural ecosystems. The interview ends with the new paradigm for cities, where....

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