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Prof. Xiaochang Wang delivers invited presentation at the 4th Water Course Forum

Updated on November 23, 2019

Prof. Xiaochang Wang was invited to deliver a presentation at the 4th Water Course Forum - Technological Innovation and Practice of Reclaimed Water Treatment and Application that took place in Beijing on 21-23 November, 2019. This forum was hosted by China Water Industry Association CCES, and over 100 leading researchers and technologists met at the forum to share and exchange the latest knowledge and experiences in the field of technology of reclaimed water treatment.


The forum covered the following topics: reclaimed water treatment, technology innovation and efficient utilization for reused water, urban water demand and supply. Prof. Xiaochang Wang delivered the presentation entitled " Evaluation Method for Reclaimed Water Quality Security", which generated broad interest of the attendees and stimulated wide-ranging discussions.

Presentation by Prof. Xiaochang Wang